April 26, 2017
These Brothers Succeed By Following The Rules
eNews Exclusive: Selim and Umut Aslan avoid cutting corners while working in the regulatory heavy state of California.

This Heartland City Now Lets Taxis Operate Like TNCs
Cabs under Yellow Cab and 10/10 Taxi will shift to zTrip, a TNC subject to the same state licensing standards as Uber and Lyft.

Should Local Governments Regulate Uber?
A Florida law would require TNCs to have $1 million in insurance coverage whenever their drivers are doing a run.

Don't Ask About Pay History If You're Hiring In NYC
A bill makes it illegal to use an applicant’s past wages to determine what salary and/or benefits to offer.

Party Bus Involved In Shootings Was Illegal, Feds Say
The vehicle the victims were riding in April 22 isn’t allowed to operate according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Business Travelers More Anxious About Security
This new development reaches beyond the typical concerns of high-profile travel disruptions and terror incidents.

Creative Wedding Packages That Bring In More Revenue
APRIL LCT: Here’s how you can help brides understand what they want and provide flexible options while still making a profit.

Student Runs: Is Obeying All The Rules Worth It?
APRIL LCT: Landing a school transportation gig can be tough. Learn how to get in the door.

How To Get More Prom And Milestone Event Bookings
APRIL LCT: Teens still love limos and party buses for their memorable occasions, ensuring a potential market in a rising generation.

What To Know Before You Sign A Leasing Contract
APRIL LCT: Here’s a breakdown of pros, cons, and everything in between when deciding if leasing a vehicle is the right choice for your operation.

Immigration Issues Can Hit Limo Operators
Did The Dent Fairy Come To Visit You?
My Unofficial International LCT Show Agenda
How To Practice Common Sense Customer Service


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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