August 15, 2018
New York Mayor Approves Permit Cap On For-Hire Vehicles
Industry leader Scott Solombrino calls the measure ‘crazy’ and a ‘crisis’ for luxury transportation operators.

Luxury Operators Turn Out In Droves For GBTA Convention
The event provides a wide platform for the industry to promote its safety, comfort, and convenience advantages.

GBTA Forecasts Strong Global Business Travel Spend
Spending is estimated to advance another 7.1% in 2018 and will expand to $1.7 trillion total by 2022.

Art Rento Sr., Chicago Operator, D-Day Survivor, 1923-2018
The founder of Pontarelli Companies leaves a legacy of quality transportation and brave service to his country.

Golf Rounds, Good Moods, & Great Causes: NELA Nails All
The annual tournament fundraiser brings out the best in the New England regional luxury transportation industry.

Chosen Payments, LMC Group Start New Venture
LMCPays will be the newest agent office for the major industry credit card processor.

Operator Made Bold Moves With His Small Fleet
AUG. LCT Cover: Two-time Operator of the Year Award winner Harry Dhillon grows revenues by taking some risks.

Your Clients Are Ready To Keep You, If…
AUG. LCT: You find a way to be good all of the time instead of perfect some of the time.

Industry Events Don’t Have To Be Overwhelming
The #1 Skill Every Business Owner Must Possess
The Luxury Transportation Talent Conundrum Gets Worse
A Sobering Example Of Why You Must Plan For Succession


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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