February 13, 2019
NTSB Releases Preliminary Schoharie Limo Crash Report
The National Transportation Safety Board says all aspects of the accident still remain under investigation.

California Operators Support TNC Drug, Alcohol Testing
The GCLA is urging legislators to heed the warnings of concerned groups and local governments.

NY Operator Nancy Vargas Interviewed By Trade Press
Metropolitan Airport News sat down to get to know the LCT Gold Star People's Choice Award winner.

LCT Show Spotlight: Watch Your Money
A session at the annual tradeshow will help you figure out how to manage your bottom line for best future results.

Affiliate Connection Platform Gains Big Access
An integration between GRiDD Technologies' GNet and Limo Anywhere's DANet expands the reach and pool of luxury fleet vehicles.

Cleveland Officials Explain Reversal Of Airport Drop-Off Policy
Limo companies and others who deliver and pick up passengers expressed displeasure with the new system at council hearings last year.

Chauffeur Fired After Chat With Raiders Owner
Was the reaction too harsh? Or an important part of what is supposed to set luxury transportation providers apart from TNC drivers?

Virginia Operator Makes Service Serious Business
FEB. LCT: Cecil Marrow has learned to adapt in an ever-changing market without losing his classic personal touch.

How To Solve A Lack Of Motivation
FEB. LCT: Regardless of age, we all need help to pursue new endeavors when everyday monotony kicks in.

How To Harness Social Media For Marketing
FEB. LCT: There’s more to be said and to learn about reaching people where they spend so much of their time. Here are answers to four common questions.

When Customer Service Exceeds Expectations
My Foul, Fearful Uber Experience Proves Why We're Better
Let Your Clients Do The Advertising For You
How You Can Earn The Right To Sell


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
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