January 22, 2020
Reach Higher Altitudes With ILCT Show Keynoter
Former Air Force pilot Otis “Hoop” Hooper will tell operators how to build business missions that land results.

Georgia Operator Builds An Empress Empire
eNews Exclusive: Maria Priestly wants to see more industry women volunteer and push each other toward greatness.

MOTEV Writes A Greener Business Script
JAN/FEB LCT Cover Story: The Los Angeles operation creates a bold luxury service model that pursues a progressive edge while promoting a cleaner environment.

GPS Trackers Can Ease Suspicious Trip Worries
Instances such as reckless driving, taking detours for personal work, and ferrying unknown passengers for quick money do occur.

Luxury Travel Will Surge In 2020
The results of a recent survey reveal an overall positive outlook, despite concerns about political and economic stability.

MCI Delivers 10 New Coaches To First-Time Customer
The J4500 buses will enhance Louisiana Motor Coach's growing regional charter and tour business.

GPS Insight Acquires Small Business Software Provider
The fleet-centric technology company expands its portfolio with an advanced field service solution.

Addressing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
JAN/FEB LCT: It can happen in many different forms. From an off-hand compliment to unwanted physical touching, a complaint filed against your company can spell financial doom.

Why It’s Vital To Be Honest When Interviewing
JAN/FEB LCT: The reason retention is such an issue is you’re not setting accurate expectations up front.

New Year's Industry Wish – Peace and Prosperity for All
Lessons LCT Can Take Home In 2019
Improve Your Community While Making Your Company Shine
No. 1 Goal for 2020: A Spirit Of Industry Cooperation


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National Sales Manager
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