February 22, 2017
Vini Bergeman, Stretch Builder, Was An Industry Original
1951-2017: The legendary coachbuilder and reality TV star belonged to the generation that defined custom limousines.

Addison Lee Adds Groundspan Booking Tools
Corporate clients and travel management companies will have access to book Addison Lee group company services.

Hero Chauffeur Lends A Hand After Major Crash
LCT WebXclusive: An employee of Hy’s Limousine in Connecticut didn’t think twice when it came to making sure other drivers were out of harm’s way. 

Towne Livery Embraces The New Continental In Movie Trailer
Limo vehicle dealer David Bastian releases a promotional video about the sedan while hailing the International LCT Show.

Florida Associations Fight For Level Playing Field
TNCs continue to press at the state level for an unfair free ride.

Fast 40 To Hold Roundtable Session At ILCT Show
LCT moderators will lead discussions on topics like TNCs, tech, and customer service in the 21st century.

How To Make Your Name As An Affiliate Manager
FEB. LCT: A detailed look at one manager’s approach shows the hard work needed to win at the high stakes industry game of farming.

How To Offer Good Limo Gigs That Last
FEB. LCT: Recruiting chauffeurs in an on-demand labor world requires new ways of appealing to flexible, younger jobseekers.

Editor's Edge
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Populist Peeps On The Rebound
No Sympathy For Passengers With First Class Envy
Enough Now: Facebook Hysterics Are Bad For Business
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My Unofficial International LCT Show Agenda
How To Practice Common Sense Customer Service
3 Big Fouls From My First Uber Rides
What To Do With Pot-Smoking Chauffeurs

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