August 14, 2019
Chauffeur Is Fastest-Growing Job For Women In America
Operators react to a recent report that states an increase in the number of females joining the industry.

Operator Grows Into The Global Business Life
2019 LCT video educational series: Karim Maachi saw the need to diversify his services among other luxury travel realms.

Affiliate Manager Finds Success In Building Bonds
eNews Exclusive: Renee Ferraro has discovered the connections she’s made during her time in the industry are ones that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate Stand Out Operators With The PCAs
The LCT People's Choice Awards enable you to highlight industry members deserving recognition.

Virginia Operation Lands Top Motorcoach Honor
The most prestigious bus association chooses James River Transportation as its Operator of the Year.

Motorcoach Manufacturing Sales Slow Down In Q2
A new ABA Foundation Report says bus buying decreased over the prior year’s second quarter to 766 units.

Prevost On Finishing Stretch Toward Century Mark
The luxury motorcoach maker celebrated its 95th anniversary with a company hosted event in June.

Bus Drivers Need Support For Better Health And Wellness
Staying fit for long hauls behind the wheel can reduce risks to passenger safety.

Defining Credit Card Processing Fees
AUG. LCT: Operators should note the three types of payment structures and then choose one that works best.

How To Handle High-Profile Funerals
When an entire community is watching, there can be no failures. Creating a detailed plan can lead to flawless operations.

Shows, Events, Costs, and Loyalties
Arizona Group Hosts Helpful Educational Summit
LCT Letter To Industry: Resist The NLA Monopoly Play
Finding Freedom In More Facts


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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