April 17, 2019
Cadillac Introduces First Ever CT5 Sedan
The luxury vehicle could join the XT5 crossover as part of the future chauffeured fleet vehicle line-up.

Most Marijuana Users Admit Driving Under The Influence
A survey of drivers in the 10 states plus D.C. where the drug is legal offers some key insights on safety risks.

Operator Shows Merging Can Be Best Decision
eNews Exclusive: Jordan Craft knows “joining ‘em” is better and more profitable than trying to “beat ‘em.”

Marcus Blount, About Town Limousine, 1967-2018
A dedicated salesman, Blount and business partner Kate Cronk made an unstoppable team built on a rock solid friendship.

GCLA Readies Three Spring Member Meetings
The Greater California Livery Association will host events in Napa, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Charter Jet Company Partners With Blacklane
APERTUS Aviation now offers clients the option of using the app-driven global chauffeured vehicle service.

Master Of All: Why You Need To Cross Train Your Employees
APRIL LCT: Reservationists, dispatchers, and even chauffeurs should know how to serve clients in every possible way.

Be The Difference In A Noisier World
APRIL LCT: Quiet places are disappearing thanks to an “always on” technology culture. Your chauffeurs can change this.

You Can't Be Shy And Thrive In This Industry
JIM LUFF Blog Post: Two young people remind me how having to meet strangers happens to you throughout your life.

You Can't Be Shy And Thrive In This Industry
NLA Actions Confound The Industry
A Letter To My Younger Self: Would I Have Listened?
What’s In Your Show Take-A-Long Bag?


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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