October 9, 2019
Schumer Calls For New ‘Altered’ Stretches Regulations
The New York senator says he will introduce a bill to require seat belts, stricter requirements for seats, and other safety features.

Cannabis Smoking Banned On CA Party Buses
The governor signs a safety measure strongly supported by the Greater California Livery Association.

Limo Company Reacts To Proposed NY Seatbelt Laws
Operator Kevin Barwell points out the stretch involved in last year's fatal crash was nearly 20 years old and technology has changed since then.

Operator Grows With Women In Buses Council Help
eNews Exclusive: Tracy Showman loves being a part of the networking group and believes it’s a great opportunity to learn from others.

Sponsored by Grech Motors
Customer Service: How To Get The Most From A Luxury Shuttle
Whether for business or employee use, a shuttle can be a big commitment. By starting with a quality product backed by strong customer service, you’ll have a win-win scenario to maximize returns on this investment.

Increase Bottom Line Profits At This LCTXtreme Session
Ken Poblano of Shift Credit Card Processing is ready to help attendees make and save more money.

Chauffeur Promotes Anti-Bullying Stance With Free Rides
The limousine he drives has a high-resolution digital display on the roof, which shows positive messages.

How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing
OCT. LCT: Learn more about this platform and the success it can generate for your business.

Make Your Rival Your Fuel
OCT. LCT DISRUPTIVE DISCOURSE: The time you spend worrying about what others are doing or might do is time better spent doing all it takes to become the MVP of your industry.

Let’s Put Unity Back In Our Community
JIM LUFF BLOG POST: An inclusive approach worked for decades. The exclusive one of late is a flop.

Let’s Put Unity Back In Our Community
The Perfect Session For Small Fleet Operators At LCT East
How Uber And Lyft Ruined An Event
Who Wants To Be A Movie Star? Almost Everyone


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