June 20, 2018
Operators Beware: Summer Brings More Distracted Driving
New data reveals incidents and accidents resulting from drivers not paying attention spike during the warmer months.

Callin’ All Rough Riders Out Yonder To LCT East Show
Get ready to throw down for a rootin’ tootin’ rawhide smackin’ good time at one helluva rodeo of a trade show.

Single-Mom-Turned-Operator Takes City By Storm
eNews Exclusive: Pearl Palko went from school bus driver to chauffeur to owner of her own company in Calgary, Canada. 

Women Call Out Uber Drivers Who Creep Them Out
"I took a Lyft alone to the airport at 2 am. He asked me if I wanted to take a nap."

Trust In Self-Driving Cars Dropped In the Last Six Months
Baby Boomers are still the most fearful of driverless vehicles.

Denver Police Raid Pot Tour Limo Buses
Passengers and tour guides were cited for public consumption, cannabis possession, clean air violations, and unlawful acts.

Fact Book And Summit Show The Way Through Disruption
JUNE LCT Publisher's Page: Our two brand flagships provide ample ideas and benchmarks to navigate the new business scene.

Meet A Living Industry Fact Source And Guide
JUNE Editor's Edge: If you track the industry career of H.A. Thompson, you see an example of how to run operations right.

A Sobering Example Of Why You Must Plan For Succession
How Not To End Up With A Business Worth Zero
Your Transportation Role With Sports In The Digital Age
The Technology Train – Get On it or Wave Goodbye


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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