June 26, 2019
2019 LCT Survey Results Show Industry In Flux
JUNE/JULY LCT: Revenues and profits look strong while the motorcoach business booms.

Finding Freedom In More Facts
LCT Blog Commentary: LCT Magazine can present a fuller picture and breathe easier as it grows opportunities for the luxury ground transportation industry.

New York Operator Thrives In Tough Market
eNews Exclusive: Zak Zakar has focused on maintaining quality rather than fretting over competitors.

From Chef To Chauffeur: Building A Business Blend
Profile: Running a small fleet luxury service and two food trucks offers complementary opportunities for this North Carolina operator.

Millennial Operator Dishes Up Advice For All
2019 LCT Video Education Series: Christina Nguyen talks about her Operator of the Year Award win and how she's come so far so fast.

Let This Operator Take You To Customer Service School
Robert Gaskill is ready to craft an education program for LCT Shows that will up the industry's game.

Bridesmaid Dies After Falling Out Of Illegal Party Bus
Many operators ignore licensing, oversight, and insurance laws aimed at protecting passengers.

No New Limo Safety Laws In New York For 2019
Legislators must resolve differences between recently passed Senate and Assembly bills.

What Are The Fastest, Slowest Airports To Exit?
Blacklane reveals Columbus, LaGuardia, and Phoenix lead in the U.S., and Luxembourg and Munich excel worldwide.

Now = Wow! Answering All The Time
B2B Feature: With a need to balance life, work and sleep, learn some options for keeping your customers happy 24/7.

Finding Freedom In More Facts
Operators Struggling With Social Media Shaming
Why Board Term Limits Help Trade Groups
A First-Timer’s Perspective On The LCT Show


Linda Linda Cusworth-Rash
Sales Coordinator
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